Thursday, April 21, 2011

Road Trip to Utah!

Finally getting around to posting some pics from our road trip to Utah in March to visit Jeff and Tiffany in Salt Lake City! We decided to drive and split the trip up in 2 days. We left our house on Monday afternoon around 12 and drove the first half of our trip and stayed the night at the Virgin River Casino/Hotel- that was an experience all it's own, haha! The next day we drove the other half to Salt Lake City. Twelve hours total! We got to spend that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Jeff and Tiffany and drove home early on Friday morning. This was Noah and Sienna's first trip to the snow. We had a great time and the kids are still talking about wanting to go back to Utah to play with their cousins and the snow!!

On the road!


Noah showing off his McDonald's lunch, ready for a long day of driving!

With lunch and a movie in we are ready to hit the road!

Pit stop to stretch or legs at State Line- Buffalo Bills!

We let the kids play in the arcade- Big Bass for Sienna!

And of course a little Deal or No Deal for Noah!

This was our first stop to get out and touch the snow on the second leg of our trip, this is about an hour in to Utah from Nevada. The kids were so excited!

We got to Jeff's house around 3 that afternoon- the kids couldn't wait to get their snow clothes on and play in the snow!

Noah's first jump in to the snow in Jeff's backyard.

Sienna was a little more careful about it ;)

Jeff , Tiffany and baby Torr

Sienna and Daddy

Noah and Luke sledding in the backyard!

Snow ball fight in the front yard!

Mommy and Sienna

Our first morning waking up in Salt Lake City, Jeff took Zach and I on a hike up the mountain behind their house while Tiffany hung back with the kids. It was a great morning workout and absolutely gorgeous!

After our hike it was time to get the kids bundled up and take them sledding!

Our last day in Salt Lake City we went to a Dinosaur Museum- it was a big hit!

Sienna playing with the sand and water interactive play area- she loved making little mountains for her mini dinosaurs!

A shark at the Dinosaur museum? Sure!
Hanging out with my paleolithic ancestors!
Noah and Luke digging for dino bones.
Noah and Sienna- more digging!

The next morning was Friday and time to get on the road back home. This is us on our pit stop in Las Vegas at a TGI Fridays for dinner. We drove the whole way home instead of breaking it up- Zach was a little stir crazy as you can see from the picture of him and Noah- haha!!
Mommy and Sisi =)

It was such a fun 3 days!! Our days were spent out and about exploring, and our nights were spent hot tubbing, watching movies or catching up on some good tivo with a little ice cream or frozen custard! It was such a fun and relaxing vacation and so great to have that time to visit with Jeff, Tiffany, Luke, Roan and Torr. It was cool to be on their turf for a change. Looking forward to making a trip back soon. We are hoping the next time around with the kids being a little older, we can get a little more adventurous and possibly try some skiing or snowboarding lessons for them (and me!) so we can hit the slopes!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tee-Ball Opening Day!

This is Noah's first year playing tee-ball and Zach gets to be his coach and cousin Camden gets to be on his team! Saturday was Opening Day at Founders park and they had fun carnival type games, bounce houses and food- great family fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Noah loses his first tooth!

My little guy lost his first tooth on Monday night, February 7th- this is him the next morning before school. Noah was so excited to show all his kindergarten friends!

Monday, January 31, 2011

January Disneyland Days!

Putting our Disneyland passes to work this month and took the kids twice! Zach and I took the kids on Friday the 14th around 4pm and stayed until around 10pm that night- we hit Mickey's Toon Town first- we bought Sienna an autograph book and she was so excited to get pictures and signatures from the characters we saw! We got Mickey and Minnie that day =). After Toon Town we did It's a Small World and after that we split up for a little bit so Noah could do some of the bigger rides. Zach took Noah on Matterhorn and Autopia while Sienna and I did the carousel and Pinochio...that second one was NOT a hit with Sisi, she was scared, poor girl! After that we headed over to California Adventure for dinner and Soarin Over California for me and Noah- one of our favorites!!

One week later on Friday, Jan. 21st I decided to take kids myself right after Noah got out of school. The last time I took them on my own they were both much younger- I don't think Sienna was even walking yet! We had SO MUCH FUN and I just loved having that special time with the two of them. They are such a great age right now, I seriously want to freeze them at this age!! With the bigger rides out of the question for this trip we tackled Toon Town and Fantasy Land again- they both wanted to do more the last week and on this trip we had no agenda but those two areas and we took our time! It was so fun watching Noah be so excited for Sienna and telling her about what they could do- and I loved watching him be so excited to do the younger things that day...he wasn't asking about Space Mountain or Big Thunder like he usually does and instead he was getting excited for Mickey and just the magic of Disneyland- it made me realize just how big he was getting but for a piece of that day he was my little baby and I loved it!! In Fantasy Land the Teacups and Dumbo were a big hit!! We meandered through all the houses in Toon Town again and took our time down Main Street on the way out...Noah even watched one of the penny movies in the penny arcade- so old school, haha! I really want to take them more often when I can on my own and explore all the lands- we decided our next stop will be Frontier Land!!